Eff it! It’s all about fitness

That’s where it all began. We were searching for a complete nutrition bar that was made to suit Indian lifestyle and palate, gives the right balance of Proteins, Carbs and Fats, and made us go back for another pack. But, we couldn’t find one that met all the 3 criteria.

That’s the time we decided to say, “eff it!”, and tried to create one!

It all started with simple thoughts

We realized that to satiate the random hunger pangs, people were relying on quick and junk food, which is just taste and no nutrients. To compensate for indulging, people were adapting to an active lifestyle and either going for “fad diets”, or consuming protein bars (of course with a lot of artificial flavors). Something felt wrong about it and we were not okay with that.

Then we went nuts

and seeds, choco chips and raisins. F’iT Nutrition Bars are full of these ingredients and much more. What’s inside each bar is very important for us and we want to make sure that you taste wholesomeness and nothing else.