Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I consume a protein bar even if I’m not an athlete?

A: Yes, definitely! Even if you don’t workout, your body wears and tears on a daily basis. To regain the lost energy, consumption of right balance nutrition is essential. Plus it’s a healthy alternative to eating junk food.

2. What is ideal proportion of Carbs:Protein:Fats?

A: The ideal ratio of Carbs to Protein to Fats in the daily diet should be 3:2:1 for maintaining healthy functioning muscles and to revive damaged tissues and cells in the body.

3. Why should I consume F’iT Complete Nutrition Bars?

A: We made F’iT bars to help you eat healthy! As such, when creating the right recipe, we thought about your overall nutritional needs. With the ideal ratio of carbs to proteins to fat, F’iT bars provide a balanced nutrition – hence our Complete Nutrition Bar.

4. Why is Whey protein superior to Soy protein?

A: Whey protein is made from milk, while Soy is made from Soy chunks. Although both are considered good source of protein Whey protein is superior to soy for following reasons:
a. Whey protein contains high amino acid content
b. Whey protein is more anabolic (muscle building) because of its ability to rapidly spike blood amino acid level, which promotes muscle protein synthesis
c. It only takes 20 minutes to digest Whey protein. Basically, it is more easily absorbed into the blood and metabolized which works best for muscle recovery during and post workout

5. How many F’iT Nutrition Bars I can consume each day?

A: Although there is no limit, we recommend consuming not more than 3 bars in a day. 

6. Are F’iT bars pure vegetarian?

A: Yes, of course! Our bars are totally vegetarian.

7. Where can I buy F’iT Nutrition bars?

A: You can find us both online and in-stores. Check out our website or shop on other eCommerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket and Qtrove. We are also available on shelf in hundreds of stores across the country.

8. Can I consume F’iT Bars if I am on diet?

A: Absolutely, you can consume F’iT Bars while on a diet. In fact, it is essential that you consume healthy calories that keep you full longer. F’iT bars are the perfect partner for satiating hunger pangs or having a quick morning breakfast. And don’t forget that it also helps post workout recovery! Happy eating!